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Selling on multiple venues or even one venue at a time can be a confusing process if you have a large inventory. Often online sellers have hundreds and thousands of items in their inventory. Keeping track of all this inventory can be a challenge., a South Florida based software firm has an answer that will make your inventory management problems a thing of the past.

Numbercruncher has many endpoints that can even give you an advantage over the competition. With the streamlining and simplification that happens within the various numbercruncher solutions, their tools can be applied to almost any business model.  You are saving on your resources in the office in addition to saving lost revenue that occurs due to errors in processing. The vulnerability to errors is greatly reduced if not eliminated with a Numbercruncher solution in place. The “update to inventory” functionality is increasingly important in today's ecommerce world where businesses routinely service customers on multiple platforms. The manual process of importing orders and customers from your website shopping cart, in addition to updating the order status of purchases within your store are a thing of the past thanks to Numbercruncher.

There is nothing worse than selling something to a customer and realizing that you are out of inventory and more inventory cannot be brought in. You are faced with notifying the customer that you must refund their money because the item is no longer available. Having to admit the error to the customer is a bit humiliating and guilt inducing. This dilemma is nonexistent for a user of Numbercruncher.

Numbercruncher has a large list of solutions offered. Let's examine their showcase product, All Orders:

Sales orders are generated within All Orders when a customer purchases from your store. There are a variety of functionalities that are included with the All Orders feature. Customers can purchase items that are not currently in stock but will be soon. This way, they can order everything on the same purchase order. From the customer’s purchase, you can create a purchase order to your supplier. When you receive the order the customer order can automatically be filled and shipped out to the customer. In addition, you can print pick lists and create shipping documents with the program. You can easily determine the shipping date of an order and track packages from the history report. The All Orders functionality supports email, SO to WO, SO to PO, dropship sales tax, order approval, multiple shipping addresses, multiple ship dates, foreign currency, and drop shipping.

While you can use All Orders by numbercruncher as a standalone system it has been constructed to integrate with QuickBooks. You have the advantage of moving between QuickBooks and numbercruncher with the ability to share vendor information, inventory numbers, account information, customer information, and other information. Say goodbye to the antiquated task of entering data twice: once in your inventory management area and once in QuickBooks. There are quite a few business owners out there that simply avoid QuickBooks because they do not want to enter the inventory or other numbers more than once. Instead, they wait until the last minute (around tax time) to enter the numbers a second time or they make their accountant work twice as hard by having him/her enter the numbers. With the integration of QuickBooks to all orders, you are saving time and money. And aren't time & money the most valuable commodities to a business owner?

There is even a free trial offer so you can experience the benefits of numbercruncher before you commit to using the service. This is a robust system that deserves a test drive! Find out for yourself by visiting the Numbercruncher QuickBooks Inventory Solution website

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